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December 15th, 2009 1 Comment

Print is not the only platform today. Platforms have changed. Newspapers and journals are now online. That mean that your marketing and public relations efforts have to change. What worked in 2001 didn’t work in 2004. What worked in 2001 doesn’t work in 2010.

Here are some interesting statistics showing how the world has changed in the past few years:

• Newspaper circulation is down 7 million in the past 25 years, but in the last five years,unique readers of online newspapers are up 30 million.
• Traditional advertising is in steep decline, while digital advertising is growing rapidly.
• More video has been uploaded to YouTube in the last 2 months than if ABC, CBS, and NBC had been airing new content 24/7/365 since 1948 (when ABC started broadcasting)
• The average American teen sends 2,272 text messages a month. What are they saying about you?
• Dell earned over $3 million from Twitter since 2007.
• Barack Obama raised $55 million from online social networks in one month during the presidential campaign. How are you using social networking sites?
• The mobile device will be the world’s primary connection tool to the Internet in 2020
• The computer in your cell phone today is a million times cheaper, and a thousand times more powerful, and about a hundred times smaller than the one computer at MIT in 1965

1 Comment

  1. BillBerdux says:

    I've been managing product development and new product launches for Silicon Valley companies for nearly 13 years and can attest to the validity of the technological advances and general shifts in consumer behavior that were referenced in the video. During this time I've seen more and more Israeli companies providing the Intellectual Property (IP) that's the core of these revolutionary products. The “wild west” has shifted from Redwood City to Rehovot. Now, if only more Israeli companies can get closer to the end-user market…..

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