Who uses what?

February 11th, 2010 No Comments

As I mentioned on an earlier post about the demographics of social media use, baby boomers are the fastest growing group on social networks.

But, what does that mean for marketers? Does it mean that they just need to set up a Twitter or Facebook page and they’ve done their job? Alternatively, will a LinkedIn page do?

The answer: it depends.

As in any sort of marketing, demographics and the purpose of communication matter. Twitter is not Facebook. LinkedIn is not MySpace. It’s not even ASmallWorld (and no, I don’t mean the Disney song).

As eMarketer points out, different age groups use different social media networks. Younger people – not yet in the professional world or just entering their first career – tend not to be power users of LinkedIn. The 40-year old middle manager? You bet (hopefully!) that they are doing business networking and lead generation via LinkedIn.High school students don’t need Twitter to connect with their peers. But Gen Y and X do.

There’s no one size fits all strategy in life. Certainly not in social media marketing either.

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