Technology as a Creative Craft: Colleen DeCourcey

June 7th, 2010 No Comments

Last month, I had the pleasure of seeing TBWA’s Chief Digital Officer, Colleen DeCourcey speak at Com.Vention, the largest Internet conference in Israel. Focusing primarily on digital marketing and digital innovation (as Israel is a known innovation hub), the conference featured innovators like (based in Israel and the 55th most popular website in the world), Robert Scoble,, Google, and technological innovation. Most people spoke about the sociological and marketing implications of social media, the radical implications of Facebook’s new Like feature, and how digital marketing is changing society. My favorite quote from Google EMEA head Meir Brand: “In the future, we won’t be talking about digital marketing, just marketing.” But, beyond speaking about technology, TBWA’s Chief Digital Officer, Colleen DeCourcey, spoke not about technology – but about art – and how technology can help us tell stories that weren’t possible before.

I can’t find her speech from Com.Vention, but I did find a similar speech she provided a few years ago:

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