The Role of E-mail Marketing in an Outbound Marketing World

February 23rd, 2011 No Comments

Everything I’ve learned about marketing, I learned at HubSpot. No, that’s not really true — I first learned strategic marketing when I started my first non-profit at 15 and worked in Senator Barbra Mikulski’s press office, while a college freshman.

But — perhaps because my first marketing introductions was online, inbound marketing — I’ve long been a fan of HubSpot staff and marketing lessons. First, I became Inbound Marketing Certified, with honors — following course that’s now being adapted at Harvard Business School, among others.Unlike too many “social media marketers” (a term that I despite — do you call someone a telephone marketer?) I take an integrated, holistic approach to marketing. This includes developing and implementing marketing strategy. It includes the curriculum at IMU such as:

  • conversion optimization
  • lead nurturing
  • marketing analytics
  • public relations
  • e-mail marketing
  • E-mail marketing may not be as sexy as Facebook, but it’s still an essential core in the marketing implementation and MARCOM toolkit.

    Check out HubSpot’s Karen Rubin discuss the role of e-mail marketing in an outbound world.

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