Modern B2B Marketing: Creating Content that Sells

May 15th, 2011 No Comments

I received the following tips from Marketo, and think that they are worth reading for any business owner:

1. It is not promotional – promotional materials will neither excite nor inspire, both critical com­ponents of content marketing.

2. It is relevant – generic materials that are not highly relevant to a reader will not result in increased success. When writing content you must make sure it will be useful to the reader, regardless of whether it supports your company message.

3. It closes a gap – content marketing should answer a business question or problem. An added benefit of this useful information is its ability to be used in lead nurturing.

4. It is written well – poorly written thought leader­ship may not only provide poor results, but may also hurt the company’s reputation. Take time to ensure content is presented in a thoughtful man­ner and is free of errors.

5. It is relevant to your company – if the content you create does not support business objectives in any way, it is a waste of resources to produce. Keep business goals in mind when creating content.

6. It gives proof – since you write to support a business goal, your content may seem biased. Make sure that content you create gives proof either through quotes and testimonials or through actual metrics and statistics.

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