The following are selected recommendations that Avram Hein has received.

Before Avi joined IncrediBuild, there were not enough leads. I had to spend my time hunting them out one by one. Once Avi joined IncrediBuild he transformed IncrediBuild’s marketing and lead generation.
With Avi running IncrediBuild’s marketing, he transformed the funnel – bringing in leads that we never saw before – difficult in any B2B environment. He eliminated spending that did not result in leads such as wasteful banner ads and transformed them into lead machines, so now we had an address to talk to and nurture.
With Avi, I didn’t have to scrounge around for leads anymore. Avi increased leads by 2.5x. Sales opportunities increased 30% and sales growth reached a company record!
If you want a marketer who sees the whole picture and can drive an end-to-end hands-on approach that drives sales and long-term growth, you want Avi on your team.
– Ofir Sadeh, Director of Inside Sales, IncrediBuild

One of the best things about working with Avi is that he actually gets it. He fully understands what strategic marketing, social media, community management, message differentiation can do for a business and how to create the strategy, how to utilize them effectively and achieve results. It was a pleasure working with him.

– Aaron Godfrey, VP Marketing, MyHeritage. Former Account Manager, NCSM Strategic Marketing

Whenever Avi adopts a cause or pursues a new interest he is guaranteed to be highly committed. Avi is a good fit for any task that requires problem solving. His work ethic, energy, and creativeness are assets. I would certainly recommend Avi for any task where enthusiasm, hard work and trustworthiness are valued.

– Yariv Nornberg, Manager, Strategy & New Business Initiatives at Amdocs. Former Legacy Heritage Fellow.

Avi proved to be an asset to the team. He understands new concepts quickly and performs at lightning speed when the task is clear. When it is less clear, he is able to find the issues and pleasant in getting the answers. He asks for help when necessary, doesn’t blindly rush in, which was a big need for this project. He easily shared his knowledge with the team and in every way is a real team player. … his personality makes him easy to talk to … and his drive to do well ensures quality output.

– Rochelle Fisher, Check Point Software Technologies.

Avi was an incredible resource for our organization, assisting us in the technical specification of a new product. As a technical writer, Avi is remarkably detailed, timely, and professional. The documents he delivered to us were perfectly accurate and thorough. Beyond his service as a technical writer, Avi was also a thoughtful contributor to the project, suggesting ideas and raising questions that helped us build a better product. We are looking forward to working with Avi again on future projects and would highly recommend him who is looking for a technical writer, project manager, or consultant.

– Jonathan Libov, Project Manager, Wellness Layers

Avi is a very hard worker and a wonderful writer. He is very dedicated to deliver the best and understands both sides of every story. Creative and knowledgeable and great to work with.
– Josh Cline, The Cline Group/Venture1st and Ruder Finn

Avi is a hard worker who is extremely technologically savvy. As a Technical Writer he is very details oriented and a quick learner. He is a genial colleague and I would love the opportunity to work with him again.

– Ya’akov Simon, colleague at Check Point Software Technologies

Avi took our Technical Writing Course at the WritePoint Training Center and quickly showed himself to be one of the top students in the class. He quickly grasped each subject presented to him, learned all the applications and handed in excellent, well-written, properly formatted documentation examples.

That tells you what Avi can do. More than that, Avi proved to be one of those special students that comes in, cares about learning, is willing to help others, and shows himself to be a team player. Having Avi in our class was a pleasure, but even more, we know that he goes out into the industry not only with the talents he brought to the class – intelligence, excellent technical knowledge, curiosity and a dedication to learn, but also with all the skills needed to excel in the field. I highly recommend him for the position of technical writer, social and marketing writing, and related fields.

– Paula Stern, WritePoint Ltd.

From a professional view, Avi brought above average technical expertise and a keen desire to learn. He demonstrated his mastery of the subject by raising well-thought questions. He was not adverse to investing time to learn and to master the technology presented in class. On a personal note, Avi is very pleasant to be with. He has a way of speaking that puts people at ease.

– Shoshana Kleinman, WritePoint Ltd.