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Gary Vaynerchuk is Wrong: There is a Social Media ROI

December 26th, 2011 No Comments

At last year’s LeWeb, my colleague and social media superstar Ayelet Noff asked my favorite wine guy Gary Vaynerchuk the question that we were all hearing in 2009, 2010, and finally forced to answer in 2011: What’s the ROI of social media. Gary answered that that’s the wrong question – and it’s a problem. Gary asked, “What’s the ROI of your mother?” It’s not about data or Facebook friends or Twitter fans, he said. He also said that ROI should


Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel Uses Social Media to Drive Customers and Increase Customer Satisfaction

June 29th, 2010 No Comments

How does one Las Vegas hotel use review sites like Yelp to gain customers and encourage return customers? Simple: Good customer service and responding to every post, including negative reviews. The Tropicana Las Vegas’s willingness to engage negative reviews and see them as opportunity for improvement is one important key of this Los Vegas hotel’s success in online marketing. The following is a guest post from Nicole Marshall, Guest Experience Specialist at the Tropicana Las Vegas. Check out their pages