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10 Reasons why your intern shouldn’t be doing your social media marketing

July 7th, 2010 No Comments

YouTube is five years old. Facebook is six years old. The under-30 crowd grew up with technology and are “Digital Natives.” I first had a computer when I was six years old and those just out of college probably had a computer in their house from the day they were born and were on Facebook in high school. The natural facility with today’s technology is one of the great advantages that Generation Y and the Millenials bring to the workplace.


Digital Nation

February 23rd, 2010 No Comments

Frontline is a popular PBS documentary that deals with issues of current events, the economy, and foreign affairs. In early February, their show was about Digital Nation — children and young adults growing up connected online, whether with their laptop, mobile phone, or iPod. These digital natives (usually defined as those born after the late 1970s) are those who grew up with digital technologies. On a personal level, I am on the older end of the digital native spectrum –