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Email is Social

June 4th, 2011 No Comments

Is the person in charge of social media at your company also knowledgeable and in charge of your email marketing? Or, better asked, is all of your marketing integrated. Despite calls that “e-mail is dead” because social media has taken the place of e-mail, that gets the process backwards — choose goals and strategy prior to choosing the technology or technologies to implement. Email is social. Email is also very strongly integrated with social networks. Social media also integrates with email.


Can you go to jail for sending e-mail?

October 14th, 2010 No Comments
wall of spam / CC by freezelight

Can your e-mail land you in jail? E-mail is an important component of most company’s marketing mix. One Ohio carpet cleaning company attributed $1 million in sales to their e-mail marketing efforts. When you are sending out e-mail, you considering factors like timing and frequency of e-mails, subject lines, and even capitalization. Certain trigger words (like “Dear”) are also likely to increase the likelihood of your e-mail going into the spam filter and never being read. But have you thought