Top Reasons People Unsubscribe from Facebook Pages

October 28th, 2010 No Comments

Sometimes, people new to social media don’t understand the difference between Facebook and Twitter. This is a relatively simple thing, but the consequences of misuse can have serious implications for your brand.

Too many people treat Facebook like Twitter — frequent status updates, posting multiple times a day. The consequences not only mean that, because they don’t understand Twitter, they are missing out on conversation, website traffic, and outreach to potential new leads, but it also means that they might be upsetting and annoying their existing Facebook fan base. This will result in losing fans, potential customers, and even potentially cause negative word-of-mouth. This is one of the basic reasons why it’s important to have professional community management and an open organizational structure that takes advantage of the Groundswell.

Here are one person’s comments/summary. We concur:

-Waning interest in the brand
-Complaints about the information offered on fan pages w
-Posting too often or posting uninteresting information

Brands need to focus on content strategy and community management if they want to see healthy, active and engaged communities!!

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